Daftar Connecting Rod/Stang Seher 4 tak.
  1. Spin 125
    conrod Spin 125
  2. Smash, Shogun 110
    conrod Smash
  3. Shogun 125
    conrod Shogun 125
  4. Thunder 125
  5. Raider 125
    conrod Raider 125
  6. Satria F 150
    conrod Satria FU

Daftar Connecting Rod/Stang Seher 2 tak.
  1. FR 80
    conrod FR80
  2. RC 100, RC 110
    conrod RC100
  3. RU 110, RU 120
    conrod Satria 2 tak
  4. GP100
    conrod GP100
  5. A100
    conrod A100
  6. TRS
    conrod TRS
  7. TS 125
    conrod TS 125
  8. TS 185
    conrod TS 185
  9. RGR150
    conrod RGR 150


  1. Anonymous says:

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